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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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2018 and Beyond..............Meeting the Challenges of our Changing World.
Whether you want to become a Holistequine EALC practitioner or use the knowledge for your own personal growth our workshops and intensives will demonstrate how our “people whisperers” are having a profound effect on people’s lives ........spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The Holistequine horses provide experiential learning situations and inspire sustainable positive life changes..............personal growth becomes exponential through learning about yourself your relationships with others and your cosmic heritage.  
By aligning emotional intelligence and IQ with Spiritual intelligence we gain the practical tools to meet the challenges of our changing times india
Spiritual Intelligence opens a doorway for us to co-create our future, IQ gives us the expertise to make it happen and emotional intelligence is the "glue" we need to ground it all and be able to express ourselves with authority and unconditional love.
The results will balance your life generally and you will be in “control” and able to set healthy boundaries. You will then walk a middle ground between selfless and selfish, go from fear to faith and from anger to inner peace.
The objective is to raise your personal “vibration” therefore raising the essence of “who you are” resulting in a positive effect on everything and everyone around you. Through the equine mirroring effect of the “Whole Body Intelligence©” system you begin to understand and conquer the “subconscious” (which includes all the negativity presently holding you back) and you will have a higher sense of Self worth and find meaning in your life.
The art of living instinctively has been lost. This will need to change if we want to receive the gifts of intuitive intelligence............ because this new “information” along with the ability to co-create our future will only come to us when our right brain is ready to receive.


Equine Assisted Therapy Practitioner training and courses 2014

The Holistequine Equine Assisted Coaching Practitioner's Course is not equine assisted learning nor is it equine assisted therapy the only similarity is that we work with clients and horses. Equine Assisted Life Coaching is an "all of life coaching" philosophy that works on the personal growth of the student first in order to raise their vibration to a higher level of connection to Universal knowledge

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching is now located in the Brisbane area