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Article: Human Resources March 30th 2012

How horses can teach Emotional Intelligence to Humans
Emotional Intelligence is the new term for people skills, it is a new awareness changing the way corporations do business. At Holistequine Emotional Intelligence means the employee has enough of their own emotional baggage out the way to work successfully in a team with others. It is about how “sensitive” you are of other people, how you interact and “get on” with those you work see that in corporate life it’s not always about YOU!

The problem we see in life coaching is that quite often a person's actions are not congruent with the way they THINK they act. They think and act separately. In EALC the horses close this gap in the client's awareness.

Positive thoughts, emotions and action expand our energy field or vibration while negative, dark, thoughts and emotions shrink our energy field. These ‘vibes” BOTH positive and negative are given out (often subconsciously) through non verbal communication
People and children who have been taught healthy emotional intelligence will always be ahead of the pack, not just in their employment but they will also have the advantage of being able to hold down successful relationships in their personal life as well...........they can achieve this because they have a good sense of self worth and will be able to express themselves with ease both verbally and non verbally
Regardless of how brilliant you are in your field of employment, 90% of what you do will involve other people - and just as important, achieving success in your personal life will also involve other people. So by working to foster good relationships, you’ll achieve far more than if you were grumpy, intolerant or impatient!
Everyone is different both intellectually and emotionally all with their own likes and dislikes, ideas thoughts and comments and each with varying degrees of the ability to EXPRESS these differences. The difference between being liked (AND getting the job done) and having poor relationships with others is in the ability to hold the balance between authority in speaking your truth and the ability for this ‘TRUTH” to be EXPRESSED with do this with ease will require a formidable internal powerbase, a powerful self acceptance and a reference point in energy we will obtain through our horse
Horses and Healthy Emotional Intelligence

The horse might seem like an odd choice as a solution to our problem here until we understand how horses act naturally. Horses do not have an emotional body, a set of confusing signals influencing their behaviour; sure they can be reactive to certain people and situations but it lasts only as long as the reflex action it’s self........they express themselves honestly in that moment and then move on................... something WE humans can learn from.

So EI then is not only about understanding yourself but also how other people react to you, and then using this knowledge to your advantage in the workplace, schoolyard and in fostering better relationships generally. ........In EALC we learn about ourselves from the reaction we get from the horse life coach (i.e. via our horse’s bio-feedback)

Having healthy E.I is a skill and any skill can be learnt.


The important elements that our Equine Life Coach can teach us are:
1. build the foundation of emotional intelligence you need to know yourself first, so then you can understand how other people see the horse will give you his/her HONEST appraisal which will bypass the human emotional body
2. Building Relationships...................horses help us understand that everyone is different and how every person, situation etc we experience becomes a reflection of ourselves. We then see what we need to learn from these “mirrors”.......Once we reassess and learn to love ourselves we then do not invite “negative” mirrors into our lives
3. Communication skills:  we need to learn how to get our message across using both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
4. Leadership........................horses demonstrate that we cannot be a “leader” if we act like a sheep.
5. Commitment....................our horse partner teaches us to have commitment, which is the responsibility to finish anything we take on i.e. the will/energy/dedication to complete the task

Looking at HR from a Holistequine perspective of “whole body intelligence”
1) Value added to a company is the real contribution an employee makes to the organisation’s success while doing the activities and specification listed in the job description.
2) From a more idealistic point of view we also need to take in an employee’s expectations of a good income and hopefully that the job will satisfy his/her personal needs i.e. the social impact of being recognised and respected as part of a team...i.e. his/her visualization of how they imagine their new career path
To understand this example from a WBI perspective we will now separate 1 and 2 into left brain and right brain respectively. Left brain is the practical aspect whereas right brain (2) is the vision
We see that one aspect takes in the academic qualifications required and the other is the emotional intelligence the employee is going to need to follow through
The horse is a being that vibrates with nature. When we consider that everything in Nature too is always looking for a balance we realise that to live in harmony with Nature we need to have a balance of IQ with EI................. we need to have a balance of the left and right brain.
In other words to succeed we must have non-verbal communication (right brain) successfully integrated with verbal communication (logical left brain).... Through simple exercises with our EALC horse we will then not only understand everything intellectually but because we have EXPERIENCED the energy of NVC we can then internalize the reference point and it changes who we are
If we want to change the way “we do business” then it is clear that employers and employees must change the way they think and act. It is time for employees, to think “big picture” and put the needs of the corporation/group first.

Holistequine is a method that takes employees through a processs of aligning left and right brain, aligning the big picture with the local one, the dream with the “will” to DO.........the LOVE with the POWER in order to gain trust and respect in the workplace.


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