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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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November 3rd 2011

3 Types of Relationships

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and take many different forms in our lives. Relationships with partners, family, friends, workmates, when positive all contribute to our emotional and mental wellbeing, even the relationship we have with our pets can play an important role in making us feel better about ourselves.

All relationships require us to interact with another; therefore it does not matter weather we choose a relationship consciously or are thrown into one by chance we must remember to set an intention of how we want that relationship to work. We need to look at all relationships differently and see them as an opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow personally. If we do this we can then begin to see “relationships” from a changed perspective......


The 3 Types of Relationships

If we re-define the term "relationship" and see them as an opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow personally we can maybe reassess our involvement and perhaps consciously work towards creating a better connection

Co- destructive – it is in this type of relationship that negativity rules. If one person is having a bad day the other will have a worse day. One partner needs the negative energy to feed on and unless the patterns are recognised and changed there is no happy ending. Here at least ONE person in the relationship need to see the patterns and change them offering positive feedback and encouragement instead of criticism

 Co- dependent- people in this type of relationship believe that agreeing to negativity and not speaking one's truth IS love. They do not want to upset the other and allow behaviour that is not in everyone’s best interest to go is avoiding the issue for the sake of “peace”. We soon find that the “peace” is very short lived

Co- creative: - In this type of relationship both parties work towards bringing out the best qualities in each other. When one is feeling down the other holds the light and has the strength to say "it will be better soon". One partner will always find the strength to hold the truth, to believe in themself even when the other person is doubting or trying to challenge them. The ultimate outcome of this relationship is spiritual growth through unconditional love.

Whenever we come into contact with another person they become a mirror for both the negative and the positive qualities of ourselves. The challenge here then is not only to overcome negativity by showing  the other party a positive alternative to their attitude or thinking. By rising up to meet the challenge of positivity we not only pull OURSELVES out of negativity but we pull the other person through their dark patch too. 

While we can often recognise ourselves in all 3 of the above types of relationships, we must ask ourselves.......... in which one do we want to invest time and energy and commit to?

It takes so much more energy to be consistently positive, to always see the half full glass........but the rewards are worth it

The Whole Body Intelligence System works with horses in Life Coaching to help develop co-creative relationships. During these interactive sessions our horse becomes a projection of ourselves in a "model" relationship showing us how to express ourselves with a balance of Love and authority


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