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The gift of Unconditional Love..............Owning a Pet

July 17th 2011

The sudden loss of a much loved dog brings the very meaning of life itself into question
What is it all about when we can be happily playing together in the park one day and alone the next? How do we come to terms with daily life when that bundle of energy is gone?


My spiritual work with horses in Equine Assisted Life Coaching has provided huge insights into why animals are in our lives and how (I believe) we all come to Earth as derivatives of the ONE energy, the Universal energy that is unconditional Love……………That we all come to Earth as individuals from the same source and in sharing a journey together we fill in the missing pieces and find our way home.
With my horses I have also seen that once the spirit has fulfilled its allocated time here then it must leave unless the emotional ties of its loved ones pull it back

My work has also highlighted that we are on Earth to simultaneously learn and to teach and that we draw into our lives “mirrors” in the form of loved ones who become a reflection for spiritual growth.
I have also come to believe that Earth is a place of opposites and that we learn to become whole again by merging the opposites and the duality within

The polarities of our pets Spook and Casper

Spook was a male Red Healer, Labrador cross who was given to us as a puppy and who was a wonderful companion for 14 years.
I believe that in any relationship we often project the missing parts of ourselves onto others who have the strengths we are lacking, and conversely they see in us their missing parts and emulate our strengths.
We do this with every relationship we have, we especially see this in a marriage.
Ideally we then grow by learning to only emulate another’s strengths and not become a co-dependent by feeding their weaknesses.

Spook was a wise old soul and became my shadow, he was always with me and I realised after Spook died that I had projected my “masculine” onto him. He became my shield to the world, my “adult” side and my protector.
One day when he was about 10 years old he was playing in our back paddock when he had a heart attack, luckily the neighbour was around, we carried him to the car and he was on the Vet’s table within 15 minutes.
Those moments where cemented in time and as the Vet said to me “he is fading fast and will probably not make it” I remember a surge of panic and a sense of urgency with a voice inside saying “I cannot lose you”.
Needless to say Spook survived this ordeal and lived for another couple of years, giving me time to adjust to the ultimate pain of a future loss.
Reflecting back it was a very selfish act on my part as during his additional time here with us he was never fully well or happy.

After his death, while a part of me wanted to “replace” Spook it was nearly two years before we got another dog.
One day I was driving along a local street when I saw a sign saying “Heeler puppies for sale” and the car almost stopped automatically.
Once again I will never forget those moments; there were only two puppies left a male and a female. I was leaning toward the male puppy when the little female came toddling over and I felt this incredible surge of unconditional love and I knew she was the one.
She was a Blue Healer, Rottweiler cross and we named her Casper.
If Spook was the adult she was the child full of spirit. She came into our lives to mirror to us our child side.
Like Spook she was a constant companion and enriched our lives in every way. A few weeks ago she had a sore leg but of more concern were some hard lumps I noticed on her mammary glands which the Vet ultimately diagnosed as tumours.

The past 20 or so years I have been a student of Metaphysics attempting to understand how everything fits into a big picture. I am especially interested in the Metaphysical cause of disease and in many instances I have seen the physical symptoms disappear with a resolution of a higher “cause”.

I was “meditating” as to why Casper (and I) would need the experience of these possibly cancerous tumours. Amazingly I then felt this same surge of unconditional love, the same sensation I felt that first day of meeting Casper. I was then shown that disease like “Cancer” is as much part of unconditional love as health. I was shown that disease and health are merely polarities of the same Oneness.

The Vet suggested surgery but because she appeared to have no adverse symptoms we decided to monitor her health and wait and see. Even at 11 years old she was her usual bright bubbly, cheeky self going to bed on Friday night but on Saturday morning she was wobbly and distressed.
Like Spook she was soon on the table with the Vet informing us she had experienced a massive bleed out and was dying. It was like déjà vu as the Vet was giving us, but not recommending, options of intensive care and transfusions but this time my higher self took control. I could not keep another spirit earth bound when it could move on unhindered.

 I had the amazing realisation of truth that this was her gift or higher lesson to me, the ability to teach me to let her go with unconditional love.
I believe that we learn lessons on two levels, the higher and the lower level.

As a Naturopath and Alternative Practitioner I have been called out to treat many animals and early on I realised that to treat the owner’s pet I must also treat the owner, that as ‘energy beings’ we are all one and that we cannot separate ourselves from each other or ultimately from Oneness. Most importantly I have come to accept that once we are shown a bigger picture connection to our loved ones letting them go is a formality, it is still painful but we can look forward to seeing them again soon in another form.
I then had another insight, that animals (like the trees and the ocean) absorb human excess negative energy, often causing them to take on our diseases.
I saw that the guilt (even at a subconscious level) like I experienced with keeping Spook alive is unnecessary and hinders our spiritual growth, hence the lapse of almost two years between dogs

I saw the main lesson of “Casper”, that for me because life had become so ‘busy”, I had forgotten how to play and how I must now emulate her playful but strong spirit in my own personal life.

Her contract to be here was over and we had learnt everything we had to and for her to stay here was not allowing the freeing up of energy. I saw that she wanted a quick “turnaround”; to come back and join us for the next part of our journey and I saw how doing things from unconditional love gave us freedom from guilt and shame

I looked at the polarities represented by Spook and Casper, dualities within myself that I must claim and merge, not just male/female but the adult and child within as well and I know next time I will be more consciously aware not just of the balance within me but ultimately that this balance is projected onto others.
I believe that energy when it arrives on the planet it its pure form is then imprinted by its carers and that if we can learn and grow spiritually and be aware of what we project onto others then there will be less negative aspects to clear.
I saw that we are here to do a journey with others but with a death of a loved one we must not just dwell on the loss but see a bigger picture and fill this energy with spirit and move forward however much our heart is breaking

I saw that we are all here to learn detachment, and although my husband was as devoted to our dogs as I was because he lives in the now he is more able to let go.

I saw that Spook and Casper were a mirror of the two polarities of me, the same energy that can now unite and come back whole ………..So thank you Spook and Casper and I promise to emulate the strengths and unconditional love that you were here to teach me.

Veronica Garrett is the founder of Holistequine ( and runs programs and sessions with horses in Equine Assisted Life Coaching (also known as Equine Assisted Therapy) and practises Holistic Healing which combines the principals of Naturopathy, Counselling and Metaphysics.

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