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The Symbolic Importance of Animals in our lives

June 2nd 2011
If we are all ONE and made up of all the same energy what is our relationship to the animals? If Earth is a school and we are all here to both learn and teach what are the animals here to teach us?
The Rainbow Bridge” sits between heaven and Earth so too does the Zodiac or “The Circle of Animals”
The gift from Timmy and Lilly the goats............

It has been my experience that everything is connected and that if we “tune in” and observe we see that everything is in our life as a gift to learn more about ourselves in relation to Oneness and how we all fit in to the Big picture.

Then, as we evolve and form a connection with everything around us we begin to see life from a holistic Universal perspective.
Timmy the goat came into our lives as part of a children’s farm experience program about 8 years ago. He was an unwanted pet of a student at the time
Because I feel it unfair to keep any animal on its own we went out with the idea of buying a young female goat to keep him company.

At the goat farm on this particular day a little brown goat about 4 months old caught my eye and I was told her name was Lilly. This name had significant meaning for my Father growing up and being a firm believer in synchronicity I knew there was a connection here we took her home.
Goats are delightful creatures. They are very sensitive, strong willed and very intuitive. Daily I would walk pass either Timmy or Lilly and they would “tell” me what plants they wanted to eat. Goats are also symbolic of Capricorn and the Great god Pan so there was much to learn, especially for me with a Capricorn Sun sign.

There were many messages and insights from Timmy and Lilly over the years and because of Timmy I met a young German backpacker Matzi, who came to do a Life Coaching session with us. He decided Timmy should be his “life coach” on the day and was so impressed by the session that when he returned to Germany he offered to be my webmaster for Holistequine refusing to take any payment.
Over the years the insights and messages I receive from my animals have allowed me to grow, bringing me to this point on my spiritual journey. They have assisted me on all levels especially putting together the equine assisted life coaching system.
When it is time for my animals to leave the planet I am usually forewarned along with the reason why it is their time. My channels are clear to receive this information because usually the emotional issues and the mirrors that they represented have been cleared enough leaving only unconditional love for the big picture.......... this was not to be the case with Lilly.

A few months ago the neighbour moved a new young filly into the paddock with Timmy and Lilly which was fine except for the fact that it became difficult for anyone to get near the goats especially at feed time. I was able to keep their goat “house” clean but because everyone said how “fat” they were I did not worry too much about them
Early last week I noticed Lilly was a little down and gave her some weeds and shrubs which she only picked at, I also noticed some mucus in her stools which suggested worms so I called the vet and he agreed that I should pick up some medication and worm them both. She did not improve, the next morning I went out early and whereas she is usually in her bed she was lying in the paddock unwilling to move. I called the vet and he said that her body temp was so low “she should be dead” and there was no pulse. Apart from euthanizing her immediately the only other option was to get her up to the house and try to get her body temperature up.
I gave her fluids and wrapped her up with hot water bottles but she did not respond and a few hours later passed away quietly.
I was upset and confused by this sudden turn of events and as to why it had happened and immediately the second guessing of myself and the guilt set in.

In most cases when something “bad” happens it is human nature for the ego to blame itself and while this is appropriate to a point in order for us to learn our lessons of how NOT to do it next time it has been my experience ( learning the hard way) that if something is meant to happen there is NOTHING we can do to prevent is all part of a plan and because we are lost in our emotions our intuitive channels are not open so we cannot see anything but the pain at the time.
“As above so below” has also been my experience that our lessons are learnt on two levels. The first lesson was the Earth lesson, that I had to look at all the things Lilly represented to the ego "me".................the embodiment of the scapegoat, the "poor me" that has “sacrificed” and I immediately realised what I had to change. Lilly's gift to me was to see her as a mirror for all the things I “loathed” and did not accept about myself as a human.
My next challenge was the big face the personal and collective wound of separation.

Although over the years we might learn to accept death from a higher level it is the human in us that still grieves
Timmy and Lilly had been inseparable for 7 years and I would often find them in the morning asleep with their heads heart was breaking for Timmy’s perceived loss.
I could handle dealing with my own loss, even the guilt (which dissipated once I integrated these new understandings) but I was dreading the thought of handling Timmy’s distress without his “mate”
I was face to face with a reflection of humankind’s greatest pain
We buried Lilly and as I was walking back to the house Timmy was standing looking at me and I KNEW he was OK. The “message” he sent me connected through the heart and changed my whole being from one of sadness to acceptance.........he was holding the bigger picture for me and was sending strong energy for me to do the same for myself....

We know when we have been taken to another level of spiritual understanding because it vibrates through our core
We have been working on another venture, a community website and this morning I realised that the reason I was stalling the launch date (although everything is timed perfectly from a Universal view) was because of a deep fear of not being supported, of initiating a project and then being “hung out to dry”. I immediately tuned into Timmy who “suggested” I reconnect with Matzi who, since November has been on a overland trip through Asia to Australia.........Just like Timmy I knew then that Matzi is also there to support me and that everything with the site will fall into place
The great god Pan is the animal representation of our humanness and although he is everything “dirty and unclean” in our subconscious he is also the king of ALL the Nature gods. As Capricorn he sits at the MC, the highest point in our astrological chart and when we can assimilate the Pan within us we have then mastered our earthly self integrating it into Oneness
From my heart thank you Timmy and Lilly
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