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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

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Horses and Human Emotional Intelligence

March 2011

According to recent research it has been estimated that a person's Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.) accounts for 80% * of success in the workplace.
The horses at Holistequine are tackling this problem with a technique called Whole Body Intelligence a System to integrate the left (logical) and right (creative) brain into the human psyche. The right brain holds the key to our non verbal communication skills and our emotional intelligence. It is the same size as our left brain but, unfortunately is not used in the same proportion.

The two hemisheres of the human brain are the same size but we do not use them accordingly.
The ability of the brain to change is now backed up with recent research called neuro-plasticity. We now have no excuse to be stuck in the past or constantly thinking about the future we now see that we can balance these with living in the "now".

Our work with our EALC horses has proven that when integration is achieved we can then tap into our innate potential and convert the powerful source that is our whole brain function into “energy to succeed”.............. The secret lies in removing the energy blocks and balancing the stored energy uniting both sides of the brain.
The horse facilitate here as they have their logic and instincts balanced therefore do not have “emotional baggage”
To “succeed” we had been told we need to hone our I.Q. and intellectual approach to situations, but we now see that this is not enough and that many people are not coping in life using “logic” alone.

Many adults are not coping with relationships due to a dysfunctional emotional intelligence which had not been addressed early in life.
The human mind is mostly in the logical Beta state with racing thoughts, resulting in stress and scattered thinking which ultimately affects our self esteem, our ability to make decisions and ability to cope with life generally
Conversely we see in the horse a quiet “Alpha” strength of mind, dogged determination …….and confidence……….the horse never questions who he is because he does not have an emotional component second guessing his every move.

The horse sees so called “negative emotions” such as anger, frustration, guilt etc which is held in the body’s aura as “un-expressed energy”

My gelding made me aware of how horses can “see’ human auras many years ago. As a colt he would snort and back away from some people while he would happily walk up to others.

When our emotions or are not understood and released they can become stifled or internalised.  If not communicated in a healthy manner this often causes frustration and anger, which if externalised more often than not is then projected onto others. Worse still it can cause disease, unhappiness and depression, which is this same “energy” internalised.

Horses show us where our thoughts, ideas and wishes are not congruent with how we act, that “intelligence” is not just a function of the mind but includes gut intelligence, instincts and a deep sense of “knowing”.

The ability to “make our dreams happen” is our Spirit and is directly related to, and can be negated by a low sense of self esteem i.e. low emotional intelligence

Early on as we started to attract clients and students it became clear that something very powerful was at work here.
People would cry and release old programming while working with a horse of their choice; they would arrive with headaches, sinus problems and an array of minor ailments that would disappear after being around our horses.
We work with ponies in parenting programs, demonstrating the energy dynamics within a family structure and we have mares who work as life coaches in empowerment issues for women.
Our 3 mares represent the three ‘ages” of the feminine…….the Virgin, the Mother and the Wise Woman…………..horses that, through this process can open women to the true sense of feminine Self worth.
Anyone who has ever worked with a horse will know that “asking’ or “wanting” him/her to do something is just not enough…..we need a level of commitment, a level of determination, and “energy” that resonates with the horse.
W.B.I. has now been incorporated into a wide range of social, wellbeing and health issues, including personal empowerment, parenting skills, dyslexia, leadership in corporate and sales, youth issues, wealth creation etc.

The greatest gift from the horse is their ability to alter human consciousness and heighten human perception, allowing us to live in the present moment

Horses reflect back our true essence…………..mirroring the courage, serenity, commitment, inner strength and the unconditional Love we need in our own lives in order to be healthy, whole beings

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching has researched the problems related to human emotional intelligence and is a form of Equine Assisted Therapy

We also offer training for practitioners in EALC

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