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Claiming the Potential of the Feminine

January 2011

As we move further into the energy of the new millennium and the year’s “2” of our evolutionary journey it means that we will need to have more of a balance of the polarities or dualities within.
Of special relevance here is our relationship with gender and the polarities of masculine /feminine, the relationship we have both internally and externally.
With the arrival of the Age of Aquarius we have completed a long cycle of human spiritual development, and we now see the beginning of the influence of another incoming energy

The last 2 major cycles related to the matriarch (earth based religions etc) and then more recently came the age of Pisces, the patriarchal (male, left brain dominated era) ending in the year 1999
This last era of Pieces diminished the feminine energy into an inferior position; not only within women but also the feminine within the male
To rectify and balance this conditioning of the worth of the feminine women will need to re-evaluate “who they are”……. When they have the courage to do this it will then also change attitudes within the males.
As we learn to appreciate the feminine (principals) within ourselves it will reflect back in the “mirror’ of the males around us …ALSO when we learn to appreciate the masculine (principals) within us it too will reflect back in the females around us.
First let us review some misconceptions around being the “perfect woman” as this misguided subconscious need to be “perfect” has driven us for far too long

Before we can move forward and create a successful version of “who we want to be” ……..that is, a “co-creator” of our life we will need to go back and reassess some old patterns both personal and collective we have of “who we thought we were”.
We will need to clear some out dated thinking to formulate a new version of what it is to be a female in 2011

As women most of us have attempted to measure up to an image of this “perfect woman”, this grossly outmoded mythical figure, this concept of a person that should be everything to everybody.
It is an outdated iconic figure floating around in every woman’s subconscious mind that needs to be dusted off and re-evaluated as it is eroding our sense of self worth and undermining us at every level of our being.
The notion that any woman (or man) can be perfect at all is the first misconception that needs to be re-assessed.
Remember, in our western society our feminine genetic programming (of a role model) goes back to Eve so is it any wonder we have a load of guilt to release?

Let’s first look at the definition of the Perfect woman (or man)
      1   Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.
      2   Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.
With this in mind is it any wonder then why we often experience feelings of failure and never really feel that we measure up?
We can see by this definition that if on a scale of 1 to 10 perfection means “lacking nothing essential to the whole” then we would all rate about 5 or 6/10…………it is our yardstick of “perfection” then that needs to be re-evaluated
To reassess this we must now define “perfection” differently. We need to see earth as a school, a school where we are here to learn how to be a better human being by understanding all our so called “mistakes” and realize that if we were a 10 and perfect we would have no need to be here as we would have nothing to learn
We quite simply cannot be perfect and be human.

Being human at this point in time means learning how to overcome our human “imperfections” so that we can become co-creators with Spirit.
It is a journey of first discovering the perfection within our imperfection
In society when we fail to live up to this old fashion idea of perfection we feel inadequate and guilty, feelings that leave us wide open to emotional blackmail from those close to us; sound familiar?
At a subconscious level those around us see our weakened energy field (caused by our negative emotions i.e. guilt) and if they are not evolved souls they will use it to their advantage; that is to get what they want.
Mostly they do this all quite subconsciously and innocently of course. Children are experts at this!
This is fine as it is just a test to make us stronger in honouring who we are
Let us now create new criteria for being human (or perfect):

Our mission in life is to integrate the Soul journey and the journey of Spirit into ONE. These two polarities like all polarities have in the past been felt as separate experiences.
The Soul (or little “s” self) journey relates to the emotional interaction and our relationship with every other being, whereas doing our Spirit (or big “S” self) journey means living in harmony with what really makes us happy by fulfilling our mission in life and allowing our little child within to dance.

To be whole (or perfect) is to understand these two aspects of self and integrate them.
In doing this we discover that there is only the one journey.
There is just as much perfection in chaos as there is in order. To see perfection in so called failure is just as valid as seeing perfection in success; both aspects are essential to complete the journey.
We invite friends, family and animals into our lives as mirrors for us to learn and grow as a person and every minute as we evolve it is also our choice weather we change positively or negatively.
Energy is neutral it is neither good nor bad; there is only consequences from our actions
 It is how we go about treating ourselves and others in our lives, our intention behind everything we create and our commitment to the “highest good for all” that demonstrates the true measurement of human self worth.
Therefore if a woman (or man) is open to improving themselves, can express themself with an open heart, is always loving and accepting of the equally positive and negative aspects in people while still having the courage to speak her truth…then he/she is perfect.

The new perfect woman will see that………… it is what we do with and how we overcome the pitfalls and adversities in life that is the measure of our real intrinsic worth.
The Universe’s idea of perfection is judged by our intention; by our willingness to be childlike in our approach to life.
If our intention is pure and we are not afraid to admit to and learn from our mistakes then we are perfect humans, perfectly finding our way on our journey through life.
Our life is about choices, leaving us to discern how to create only positive experiences for our future and ideally not to be held back by judging our past……we learn to live in the “now”
With this new information now reassess your new values………… measured by your intention and give yourself a 10/10 as a perfect woman; but realize too that you are still leaving room for growth through humility.
While we do whatever is necessary to help those around us it is time to let go of all the “children” in our lives who refuse to grow up including our own inner child
It is every beings own choice as to if and when they grow up. We cannot change this for others we can only teach by example, let go and trust
We now need to give energy, love and support to our reinvented, new “little child”; a child who has evolved into the cosmic child with a spirit that now wants to fly.
She has waited long enough and she deserves it!

Remember …..Perfection is defined by our intention to be the best we can be
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