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Saddle Up for Self- Esteem

Gold Coast & Hinterland Sun, June 2004

Holistequine Equine Assisted Therapy

Children and Adult Programs

In our experience many of the problems within families and society today are caused by low self-esteem.

Sounds too simple to be true?

Think about it!

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, or can’t express ourselves we either get angry and dump on others or seethe inwardly. It can play out as bullying ADHD, relationship breakdown etc. or, our energy field is low and we become victims, creating problems such as obesity, financial insecurity and addictions. We have a self worth crisis. In other words low self esteem has a negative effect on our whole energy field and our health

On the other hand if we are in our power, confident, happy with great self esteem life is a breeze.

Children with high self-esteem become adults with high self-esteem.

But how can we have high self esteem when we have little sense of self? Or who we are

At Holistequine the horse helps develop this sense of self by acting as a role model and “mirror” thereby teaching children and adults qualities such as trust, discipline and honesty, qualities the horse has naturally.

The horse interacts within his herd by reading energy. When we start working with him he interacts with us by reading our energy, he can see blockages in our energy field and reacts to them. These energy blocks (negativity) are caused by our emotional state ie. low self esteem, anger, lack of confidence, guilt etc. Imagine a light globe (100 watt) as our birth spirit potential, then, as we grow up every negative emotion we believe about ourselves dims the glow just a little. Judging so called negative life experiences as failings, being told that we are stupid, lazy, useless etc. all having a negative effect on our "globe" and, as we get older our light diminishes to only about 60 watt or less. This "Wattage" reference point is now used by our facilitators as a gauge or "energy meter". We then work with this meter to correct the self image. An incredible sense of achievement is felt as the horse begins to respond to our requests positively. We have earned his respect.

If you feel this method could help you or a loved one contact Veronica on 07 55 78 2697, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our web site

Children’s sessions are Saturday morning and afternoon. Adults by appointment.

We will also be running Kiddie Boot-camp (daily) during the September and Christmas school holidays.

Due to the success of Holistequine - Equine AssistedTherapy we are accepting applications to train as Holistequine practitioners.

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