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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Emotional & Spiritual  Intelligence.... the missing link for a happy life.

For years our schools and Universities have placed the primary focus on teaching academic skills but it is becoming increasingly evident that healthy emotional and spiritual intelligence is equally as important to a happy, meaningful life. By developing good E.I. we not only have better personal relationships with family and friends but we are also more likely to be successful in our professional environment.
 If we follow the trends now seen in China and the US Emotional and Social Intelligence will be the next major focus in education in Australia as it is now being recognised as providing the “missing link” in the corporate world
In China President Xi, the new national leader stated that E.Q. is “more important than IQ” and “a competence that should be pursued in the workplace”
And in America teachers are calling for social and emotional intelligence to be taught in schools

Likewise in Australia the corporate sector is suffering because people are entering the workplace with only 50% of the skills needed for success in addition to this they are also missing out on learning the social skills for life generally.
According to recent research it has been estimated that a person's Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.) accounts for 80% of success in the workplace,

How Horses transfer Emotional/Spiritual Intelligence to Humans

"Scientists have captured the attunement of emotions in the laboratory by measuring the physiology – such as heart rate – of two people sharing a good conversation. As the interaction begins, their bodies operate at different rhythms. But after 15 minutes, the physiological profiles of their bodies look remarkably similar"

What the scientists are discussing above (part of a great article by Daniel Goleman) is the principal of Entrainment. In our work with emotional and spiritual intelligence with horses we “lock in” the higher frequency of the horse to cut straight through to the frequency we need to be a loving pack leader. The horse's vibration of unconditional love allows the experience of authority to be "entrained" at the same level within us and it becomes a conscious reference point for us to use in our day to day life situations .

For years now, "intelligence" has been wrongly defined as the ability to solve problems logically but more and more research tells us that "emotional intelligence" is of much greater importance in learning than IQ.
Healthy emotional intelligence means we are confident with our decision making, have good self esteem, can delegate authority fairly and reasonably, when we can see criticism as an opportunity for our own personal growth and when we can work coherently as a team
The reason it can't be taught "rationally" is because E.I. is communicated through non-verbal communication. It is called ‘an elusive concept”, a right brain experience that cannot be ‘taught” from a logical approach... it has to be ‘embodied’ or "felt" within the emotional field of our energy centres. Because of this there needs to be a different approach when it comes to teaching E.I.
Non-verbal communication accounts for over 90% of the way we communicate therefore horses (who rely 100% on NVC) can act as the perfect facilitators in life coaching to provide this missing provide this “elusive concept”
In order to survive in the corporate world we not only need mental strength but we also need to have spiritual and emotional strength to overcome what life throws at us generally including what comes up in our daily interaction with others.
Holistequine has been working in the area of Emotional and Spiritual intelligence since 1995 and our findings suggest that horses are the most effective bio-feedback tool for personal empowerment and for building self esteem generally. They teach us how to reach our goals in life by demonstrating how we can rise above our emotions and therefore not take things “personally”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “Emotional intelligence, or the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions, is a concept that has gained prominence over the last three decades. It is now widely recognized as a trait necessary to successfully process emotional information and navigate the social world”........By RICK NAUERT PHD Senior News Editor
Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching works through horse facilitators in private sessions, intensives, workshops and on line All of Life Coaching programs to teach life skills.