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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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2013 and beyond............Awakening to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE
My insights over the past few days and weeks have been profound
20-12-2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and a handing over of the ancient wisdom to those of us who are awake and responsible enough to create a new reality, for those of us who are ready to bring Spirit into matter.
We will be creating new realities with a belief that if we set a pure intention from the heart the energy of that intention can create miracles and that with this ancient wisdom we will be co-creating these new energies into reality.
I have not just “visualized” but I have also “experienced” how we are entering a new phase for humanity.........a time where we return to our true Selves. AND this new state of awareness has integrated to become who I am
As humanity awakens a third civilisation is beginning and all the esoteric teachings have led us to this point in time, a time that opens us to the knowledge that we are an exact duplicate of the Universe.............that all things contained in the Universe exist in every cell of the human body/ the God Self or the higher essence of man. In all of us is buried the seed of what we call “God”...the divine essence that holds the key to the very nature of order for us to be able to bring all this “heaven” to “earth”.....................humans will need to have spiritual intelligence


What is Spiritual Intelligence?
Spiritual intelligence forms a trilogy with EI and IQ , AND will be a prerequisite for human evolution into a new age
Therefore to survive in this new dynamic changing world we will need to have Spiritual Intelligence. That is we must have our intellectual intelligence (left brain) and emotional intelligence (right brain) balanced and working together as ONE
Spiritual Intelligence is not just a concept nor is it just a philosophy. S. I. Is a state of BEING after having aligned our 2 ego selves into “ONE”.

During our Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching sessions we are continually learning more about the significance of balancing left and right brain by using the principals of polarities. By using this model we view left and right brain as symbolic of duality and see that once we integrate the WHOLE BRAIN we integrate all our dualities. We merge all our conflicts, programs and negative thinking which have been stored for eons of time in our collective subconscious minds ...........our once polarised hemispheres then march to the same drummer and we have harmony and coherence. Most importantly we have raised our vibration to match the Spiritual or Universal Intelligence that is Unconditional Love.
The knowledge gained through my many years of study into Metaphysics, ancient teachings and all things esoteric have now come back into the light. With this new handover we will have the responsibility of grounding new knowledge. It will come as insights as to how to bring the energy of heaven into earth however to successfully receive this information we will need to realign our personal vibration.
Our goal for the future is to help bring Spirit into matter and to do this at a practical level we need the new tool of SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE
As we walk our truth in this new world S.I will become more than just a concept it will become recognised as a tangible contributing factor to our overall wellbeing. Just as IQ and more recently emotional intelligence is recognised so too spiritual intelligence will be seen as a prerequisite not only to health wealth, happiness but also to UNIVERSAL WISDOM
“Spiritual Intelligence...........the tools for a new world” WILL BE THE ONLY THEME FOR OUR Equine Life Coaching 2013 WORKSHOPS
Holistequine is a more evolved form of Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning.

Students for our 2013 practitioner training in Equine Assisted Coaching are now being accepted