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         Practitioner's Course in Equine Therapy

 Equine Assisted Life Coaching............ the "people whisperers changing lives"  

The goal of the Holistequine Practitioner is to empower and enrich his/her own life and then inspire and motivate others to do the same.
As a student you will learn how our system (called Whole Body Intelligence) works through the resonance of the horse to align the human chakra system, thereby balancing body, mind and spirit.................. promoting physical health, emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Working with horses through the WBI system involves a process of a symbiotic exchange of energy (Entrainment) which alters the fundamental blueprint of the human energy system. These changes then become “part of who we are” and the system can then be assimilated into programs to help others in many areas of the wellness industry.
Upon course completion you will then create your own programs in whichever area of the health/lifestyle industry you chose.

By connecting to the higher intelligence of the horse you will open to your own life path potential……….. It is an ongoing journey of self discovery that unfolds during the process of the course


Thank you for enquiring about our practitioner training program. Our goal is to teach, encourage and advise you throughout your own traineeship and then offer the same support when you become a qualified Practitioner/Equine Assisted Life Coach utilising the Whole Body Intelligence System.

You will see after experiencing the benefits and improvements to your own life that the scope of this method is limitless and as a system can be applied to many problem areas within society.
(If you are not sure in which area you want to work in yet do not worry because as you proceed your potential and direction will be revealed)

NB. It is important to understand that the Holistequine system is unique in that it works on the principal of “Oneness”, that is to purify our own vibration so as to merge with the energy field of the horse.
This is then “entrained” with human clients for the purpose of healing the body mind and spirit. For this reason the course bears no similarity to any other Equine Assisted Therapy or traditional horsemanship methods or courses.

By achieving this higher state of consciousness and establishing our own “whole body intelligence” as Practitioners we can then apply this system to help others in the following areas:

• Personal Life Coaching
• Parenting and pre-parenting workshops
• Successful Relationships
• Children’s Future Development Coaching
• Corporate and Workplace Programs (sales training)
• At risk youth
• Children’s self esteem Coaching
• Health and Lifestyle Coaching
• In house school programs
• Weight Management Coaching
• Anger management
• In fact you can create programs in any area you see a need for balance

Wealth v Wellbeing – whereas the focus for most of the 80’s and 90’s was on material wealth the new millennium finds us all increasingly searching for more balance and harmony in our personal lives. All governments will need to put more money aside to address the health and social issues that have resulted from the imbalances of the past. We need to balance our “head with our heart” and our Spiritual wealth with material wealth. (See The Wellbeing Manifesto at our web site 

“Paul Pilzer, the Number 1 economist and trend forecaster in the world today predicts that the next growth industry will be the Wellness Industry. He predicts that it will grow from a $200 Billion Industry, where it sits today, to over 1 Trillion by the year 2010. He further predicts that during that transition from $200 Billion to $1Trillion, the greatest shift of wealth our society has seen will occur” quote from the Wellness Revolution

Each qualified practitioner has the choice to create and develop his or her own preferred area of coaching under a Holistequine franchise*, work independently of Holistequine
* An active Holistequine practitioner will pay a small membership fee per annum to attend workshops and to keep current with the Holistequine System

Aim of the course

The aim of the Holistequine Practitioner Training Course is to first clear the student’s own energy field of any blockages and old programs within the subconscious mind.
This then allows access to the right intuitive brain to develop and create new neural pathways that open to higher channels of non-verbal communication

What Qualifications do I need?-- 

As Holistequine is a specialised field of Life Coaching no specific requirements apply. Basic education is of course essential; however each applicant will be assessed and chosen on his or her own individual merits.
A passion for horses, an aspiration for one’s own personal growth and a desire to help others are the main prerequisites for this traineeship.
A background with horses, alternative/energy medicine or teaching would be advantageous.

How is the course structured?

The course consists of about 50% theory and 50% hands on experiential training involving working with your horse(s) through the Whole Body Intelligence Workbook of interactive training. The student will hand in feedback from the exercise they are doing before the next lesson is forwarded. This is because each lesson within the course acts as a stepping stone for the next exercise therefore must be sequential. The course builds upon the experience gained from each lesson.

*On-line modules can be taken at the students own leisure
* There is no time -restrictions on completing the course
*Students can attend all workshops free

The course content is roughly divided into 3 sections (see curriculum)

What is the cost of the Full Practitioner’s course?
Fees are to be paid in advance
(Instalments can be paid by direct debit)

Cost of the full course is $5,000.00 (includes all assessments)


What are the course entry requirements?

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.
Fees are to be paid in advance.
The Holistequine EALC Practitioners course is non refundable and non transferable
*For on-site trainees doing the course at our Holistequine premises we do not carry Public Liability Insurance therefore any personal insurance is the responsibility of the student

Who runs these courses?

*Veronica Garrett is the founder and principal of Holistequine. She is a Metaphysician, a qualified Naturopath and Counsellor. The work at Holistequine is ongoing in developing this technique as a form of therapeutic, Spiritual and life style coaching. Veronica has been working with horses to create the Whole Body Intelligence System for the past 20 years with various children and adult programmes together with the ongoing training of future practitioners. She has been married to Alan for 33 years and lives at Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and four legged family.

Do I need to have my own horse?

Each course is tailored for the specific needs of each student
*On-line students will of course need to work with their own horse(s) at their own premises
Intensives are help regularly at Cooroy with the option that the attendee can also bring along their own horse

*Attending students who want to work at the Centre do not need their own horse as the student will initially train with the Holistequine horses.

Do I need to have horse experience?

No horse experience is required; all training and horse handling, theory and practical exercises are done within the course structure. All that is required is a dedication to learning, determination, an open mind and a passion to work with a horse as a Life Coach.

What if I want to be a Practitioner but fear horses?

Often someone will have a passion for horses but because that person has had little contact with horses, or has had a bad experience in the past he or she will naturally have a fear of them.
 This problem can be easily overcome by gaining knowledge of horses.  As you get to know the horse (your own or ours) and build your confidence and trust then the fear goes.

Do I need to be a good horse rider?

No, once again a trainee will first build a solid working relationship with their horse life coach partner from the ground. All Equine Assisted Life Coaching programs consist of groundwork only with their clients. It is often harder to reverse the habits of old programming established through long term riding than it is to start from scratch. However although a student does not need to be a good rider in technical terms he or she will need to be able to build up trust and ride their horse bitless as a symbolic gesture of overcoming fear.

During all training the main aim is to establish a “connection” at the level of body mind and Spirit between horse and human; that is to merge all the levels of consciousness so we have congruency to open a channel to Oneness (to higher intelligence). With this facility working we are then able to help our clients understand and resolve their own issues.

Can I do the Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching Practitioner's course by correspondence?

Yes.  Training is carried out both at our centre at Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, or by correspondence at the student’s home location.
Ideally all trainees if possible will at some point attend one of our workshops and work with our specially trained horses
For people who live outside of the area the course can be completed on-line, or by postal correspondence.
This works successfully and we now have students training in many parts of the world

What will be the outcome of my traineeship?

Any practitioner trainee can expect a life changing experience. You will learn (by experience) that as you change your own energy field and open to non-verbal communication it then has a positive effect on everything and everyone around you especially for life coaching as you open to “communication” with your horse.

The course will be very challenging and very demanding but for the dedicated trainees it will also be extremely rewarding. The trainee will grow as a person on all levels.
You will become a leader and a powerful teacher and practitioner/Life Coach in your own right and then you will experience the joy of helping others achieve their goals.
Due to the expansion of the right, intuitive side of the brain you will increasingly be in tune with your horses, other animals and also be able to communicate better with the people in your own life.
As you grow using this system you will notice an increase in your personal power and your ability to project it out to the world around you.
The future of Holistequine and the W.B.I. system is an evolving art/science and is limitless in its application. New teaching programs are constantly being developed therefore there will always be ongoing opportunities for our qualified Holistequine practitioners to create their own potential incomes.

What happens after I enrol in the course?

After you have been accepted and enrolled you will be sent our e-books and will also be asked to fill in the personal and equine profile assessment forms. You will then be sent the lessons separately for you to do with your horse(s) at your own leisure. Once we receive the lesson feedback form we then assess it and send the next lesson. You may find that while doing the exercises with your horse the work exposes some hidden issues of your own that you need to deal with, this is a normal part of the process and it is why we take it step by step. I am here to help you so as part of your personal growth in becoming an EALC you will need to discuss these issues in detail as they come up.

If you attend the Holistequine Centre you will train with one horse primarily and then progressively work with the remaining horses. Again if you are a correspondence student and have your own horse you will work through the lessons with your horse(s) at home

When the student and their horse are fully trained you can then choose to work as a Holistequine Practitioner Franchisee or work independently with the Holistequine methods Or at the end of your training you can work with the Holistequine team within the centre.

For on-line students a complete personal and equine assessment is carried out to ascertain their individual situation. Although the theory content is the same for everyone each student will have a different profile of needs to suit their individual path or goal in life.

All of our courses are tailored for each individual’s requirements, depending on needs, experience, time and previous qualifications.

Our intensives offer the student an opportunity to go through the practical material and experience our WBI system “on site” in a shorter period of time and it also enables them to take those reference points and study one-on one with their own horse.

The Curriculum

The curriculum will be divided into three sections.

1) Horse Related Skills – Groundwork

• Examining the connection of the Body/Mind/Spirit components of horse and rider
• Holistequine as an art and a science
• The mirroring effect and the equine life coach.
• Understanding energy
• The higher purpose of the horse
• Building trust with your specific equine life coach
• The horse as a catalyst for change
• Care and maintaining the horse as a herbivore
• Barefoot trimming, taking the hoof back to its natural state
• Equine Biomechanics
• Establishing power from the Solar Plexus
• Understanding the energy dynamics of the herd.
• Translating what we learn from our horse and taking the knowledge
•  into life situations
• Understanding the horse’s mind
• The physical and metaphysical relationship with the horse
• Training with Holistic Horsemanship


2) The Whole Body Intelligence System and its application in the wellness industry

• Holistequine as a science
• Entrainment, Brain Plasticity and Mirror Neurons
• What is “Oneness”?
• You will gain a complete understanding of why we need to integrate body, mind and Spirit at this point in time
• Understanding the importance of left brain /right brain function
• Understanding how the “intelligence” of the body work as a united “whole”
• Understanding how the interface between the Chakra System and the Endocrine System is the key to energy medicine
• The W.B.I. System and the influence of interactive energy fields
• Understanding W.B.I specific application of energy medicine
• The history and evolution of E.A.L.C.
• Equine as a modality in Life Coaching and healing
• Personal goal setting; teaching by example
• Understanding the principals of Kinesiology and its application in E.A.L.C.
• Understanding duality as it relates to left/right brain function
• The horse as a medium
• Understanding how negative patterning impedes our personal success
• Mental Discipline
• Using the physical senses in conjunct with the higher mind.
• Setting our own personal goals
• Understanding the difference between empathy and sympathy.
• Understand and practice...creating our own reality

• 3) Application of Life Coaching Skills:                                                                   

• What does a Life Coach do?
• Discovering a client’s potential and purpose
• Understand energy as a tangible tool and learning how to use that tool
• Identifying and developing your own area of interest – here you will focus on developing your own specific area within the wellness industry
• Identifying energy interaction within group dynamics
• Communication and cooperation skills
• The art of listening
• The 3 learning styles.
• Integrity and values
• Control dramas, understanding personalities.
• Promoting your expertise
• The art of agreeable compromise (mediation and balance)
• How to manage, promote and maintain your business.
• Incorporating specialized or specific areas of application i.e. working with ponies and smaller animals to demonstrate “energy dynamics” in Parenting courses

*Holistequine is a continually evolving science or a “work in progress”; this curriculum is therefore a guide only and is added to constantly as new information becomes available.
During this third stage of training the trainee will have defined their preferred area of work i.e. Corporate/ Children’ programs

How long will the traineeship take?
This will depend on the individual. It will depend on experience bought to the course, time availability and the intention, willingness and dedication of the trainee. We expect course duration to be anything from 6 months to 2 years.

When will I be able to earn an income?

At any time the trainee will receive 10% of any student/client/trainee they introduce to Holistequine.  After a qualifying period the student will obtain a level of confidence to “know” when they are ready to facilitate with their horse and they will then begin to establish their programs.

What is the cost of the full course?

The cost of the full EALC Practitioner training course is $5,000.00.

Accreditation is achieved when you feel confident to go it alone, when you have totally integrated and understood the Holistequine philosophy and method, when you have completed the W.B.I. workbook with your horse facilitator and feel you can “read” what your horse is “telling you” about your client. At this stage you will start to contribute to setting up your own specific Life Coaching programme.

I have decided that I would like to apply for a traineeship, what do I do now?

You will be required to fill out our application form and when accepted you will then be contacted with the starting details.

The Holistequine Equine Assisted Coaching Practitioner's Course is not equine assisted learning nor is it equine assisted therapy the only similarity is that we work with horses. Equine Assisted Life Coaching is an "all of life coaching" philosophy that works on the personal growth of the student first in order to raise their vibration to a higher level of accepting Universal knowledge

If you have any queries please contact us:
Contact details
Veronica Garrett
Phone 07 5442 5353  Mob. 0434 314 811